Thursday, September 21, 2006

X. Points of Transit

Artist: Danny Birchall
Location: Emma Quinn's desk on the second floor
Medium: Jessops 6x8 'Lustre' print, 80gsm paper, laser toner.
Comment: The photo is of a lonely traveller at Narita airport.

The text reads:

Crossing the Bulgarian border in the middle of the night; waiting for the ferry to arrive at Lerwick; the international transit terminal at Detroit with its spinal elevated transit. These are the locations in between, places where a weightless joy comes from being both somewhere and nowhere. To pass the time you drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, browse every bookshop and newsstand. This isn't travelling, but it isn't standing still. If for some reason the boat or plane never comes, the train never leaves, you could remain here and never grow old, because if nothing ever happens, then time does not pass. You will remain this weightless for ever.

More information on this artist:
Danny Birchall blog


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