Thursday, September 21, 2006

Please ignore this page and Fortune’s frame

Artist: Angelo Madonna
Text on Paper and Mixed Media
6 positions around the building and on the back stairs
Comment: If there was a light bulb breathing in a frame, now, through the free association of the amused mind there are dice. The dice are, like the light bulb: the hope of destiny. When the light bulb switches on, it is the moment of understanding, the so called EUREKA, the solution of a problem or the ever ending miracle of each breath we under take.
It is the unpredictability of breathing that like the dice’s game alternates victory and failure. …and there are the numbers, the devil’s of destiny…

How many possibilities are there to get the 6 6 in the dice’s game?
Games are fascinating, amusing, they allow the changes. Through playing, the profound emerges and becames visible.
It is during the game that the paradox of the work “ Ignore this page “ shows me its psychological plot.

I watched, but it asks to ignore it, then I smile to watch it even more.



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