Thursday, September 14, 2006


Artist: Julia Hamilton
Location: Exhibitions Office
Medium: Film
With Thanks to Jennie Sharpe and the ICA

Outside the gallery, a warm sunny afternoon. Inside, and the trees can be seen through the window of the darkened room. The sound of TV monitors fills the air, the usherette sits in her chair. Ignored by the visitors who move around her with the slow-motion reverence adopted by all gallery goers, she is the still focus of the room.

In this film I wanted to turn the viewers gaze onto the one person we have not come to see in a gallery. While she greets us on entering, we carefully try to bypass her as she does her job of watching us. She is alone, literally marooned. In every gallery we attend there is always the solitary figure of the usher. This film makes her the centre of our attention for a change.
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