Thursday, September 14, 2006

Inside Me Like A Warmth

Artist: Sean Garland
Location: 2nd Floor Kitchen
Medium: Film
Comment: It comes as no surprise to anyone that Venice, most especially in the off-season, bereft of tourists and wreathed in fog, is one of the most bewitching, transportive cities imaginable. There’s drama and character in her crumbling backstreets, shrouded alleyways and melancholia-riven waterways, chosing, as she does, to unveil herself only in increments, one hallucinogenic step at a time. From the outset Inside Me Like A Warmth; A Venetian Diary had always been a somewhat experimental departure for me in terms of filmmaking. For once I wasn’t working with actors or fictional storylines or melodrama…just a city, a sense of place, perhaps even a state of mind and so, in the freezing cold on the tail-end of January I set out to somehow frame and capture what made the city so timelessly seductive for so many people. Electronica wunderkid Metamatics came on board after seeing the footage and the film went on to win Best Music & Visuals at London’s first Salvador Dali Film Festival in conjunction with the exhibition of his work at County Hall on the South Bank.
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