Saturday, September 09, 2006

Working Space

Artist: Joe Schneider
Location: The Back Stairs.
Medium: Graphite on Paper
Comment: Playing on the opportunities offered by Private: Staff Only I will assume the position of an "unofficial" artist-in-residence. This residency brings into question the notion of a "resident" artist and ideas of belonging, status and legitimacy within an institution. I will produce a series of drawings portraying the staff as they work and some of the working and private spaces. I will draw all staff from the invigilator in the gallery to the director in his office transforming the normal conditions of the working space into a different kind of working space. I will be working up through the floors of the ICA, spending about 2 weeks on each level, moving from front of house, through management, administration and finance towards the directors. The drawings made front of house will be displayed at the top of the back stairs and as I work my way up the building the drawings will spiral their way towards the bottom. The divisions between departments and areas will be turned upside down through the placing of the drawings.
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