Thursday, September 21, 2006

IV. The New Republic

Artist: Danny Birchall
Location: Windowsill in finance office
Medium: Jessops 6x8 'Lustre' print, 80gsm paper, laser toner.
Comment:The photo is of a part of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, outside the old parliament building in Canberra.

The text reads:

After the last tube train ran, the ancient tunnels were derelict for decades, home only to rats and pigeons, fearful and mythic caves to Londoners; the stations' mouths became oracular chasms, and few dared to venture in, let alone below. When the New Republic was established, it was not thought possible, or desirable, to reconnect the flow of electricity to the twisted, rusting rails. Instead, the tracks were sealed and flooded, and large gondolas assembled to connect station with station. It was once again possible to travel below ground from Archway to Tooting, not rattle-fast as the trains once did, but languorously, listening to the echoes of the driver-gondoliers whistling and calling along the dark canals ahead.

More information on this artist:
Danny Birchall blog


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