Thursday, September 21, 2006


Artist: Lena Nix
Location: Front of House Staff Room
Medium: Video installation
“Without them you were powerless. You couldn’t open anything, close anything or set the alarms. I felt naked without them. I often lost them in the building, during hectic periods where you’d be running around everywhere and would just put them down….in a toilet or on the stairs or once I locked them in a room ( the cage ) and had to break in to get them. I still dream about them from time to time. I once gave them a very good soapy cleaning. They looked a little like a threatening weapon, which on some heavy club nights and parties could look useful”

“2nd floor doors all locked with the same key except Ekow Eshun’s office key lock was attached upside down for some reason so it turned the wrong way (or am I imagining this).”

“The key hole was too near the frame although part of it had been cut away. The temptation was to give up here, but somehow that seemed like bad luck. You know, it was such a mundane job, locking up, that if you started to ‘cheat’ as it were, you were lost. It would all seem pointless and you’d be reminded of the monotony at every point as you would be deciding whether to get away with it or not. I remember discussing this and deciding that it was best to actually really lock everything as then there was no choice no options, no considering, no good nights and no bad nights, just getting on with it, which in turn had it’s own freedom in an existential sort of way”.
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