Thursday, September 21, 2006

XVIII. The Man Without Qualities

Artist: Danny Birchall
Location: Deirdre Kelly's desk in exhibitions office
Medium: Jessops 6x8 'Lustre' print, 80gsm paper, laser toner.
Comment: The photo is of a kea.
The text reads:
His facial expressions and gestures, even his speech, are too slow and exaggerated to be realistic when you meet him. He has spent too long on television, carefully explaining difficult matters to the camera and its audience, smoothing out the intricacies of the complex. Consequently, he himself has become devoid of all intricacy, and as smooth and depthless as the screen. If you look at him closely, you even begin to see the pixels and dots he is composed of, the three basic colours, the particles of light. You are seeing him and there is nothing to look at, listening to him but there is nothing to hear.

More information on this artist:
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