Friday, September 29, 2006


Artist: Lucy Brown
Location: Back stairs
Medium: Ink-jet print
Comment: Contrary to common belief, design students don't have it easy. Not at LCC anyway. The piece is the result of 10 weeks work and approximately 80 drafts in my 3rd term of my 1st year on the BA Typography course. Under the careful watch of designers Zak Kyes and Sheena Calvert, each draft was ripped apart on a weekly basis. This encouraged an attention to detail that i had not previously believed was possible. Having design skills high enough to come to the ICA in the summer of my 1st year is thanks to this poster, hence why it's quite appropriate for this exhibition. The brief was to communicate the science of light in a purely typographic way. Light has so many characteristics, it is everthing to us. Space, time, shape, understanding. To even attempt to represent it through written word alone didn't seem to do it justice. It shapes who we are, what we see, how we percieve. It is our coming and our going, our waking and our sleeping. Without light, we are nothing. The following is from the Jeff Wall exhibiton at the Tate Modern earlier in the year.

"Perhaps you'll think it strange - that an invisible man should need light - desire light - love light. But maybe it's exactly because I am invisible. Light confirms my reality - gives birth to my form. Without light I am not only invisible but formless as well and to be unaware of one's form is to live a death. I myself after existing some 20 years did not become alive until I discovered invisibility"

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