Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Be careful of what you wish for…

Artist: Déva Palmier
Location: By the photocopier on the second floor, next to the cinema department.
Medium: Film
Comment: I have worked on the ICA switchboard for many years wishing that I was somewhere else and this has taught me to… Be careful of what you wish for…

Throughout these years at the ICA I have made many films that link in to this theme.

Fishy – Glenda falls in love with Freddie the goldfish and wishes that she could join him in the bowl.

Plain Hunger – Maude polishes off her packed lunch and wishes she had something else to eat when she sees a passing plane.

LOAF - In front of the camera the two stars of the "Fred and Frances Cookery Programme" couldn't seem happier, but when Fred leaves for the day and Frances is left to present it on her own she wishes that one day she will have her own programme.

My wish is that these films will play on a screen by the photocopier on the second floor, so that the cinema department regularly see my films.
For more information about this artist: www.devafilms.com
Contact: deva@devafilms.com


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