Friday, August 18, 2006

This was going to be the last time, but now I’m having second thoughts, 2006

Artist: Nicola Chambers
Location: Further along the corridor behind the cinema from Claire Moore's paintings
Medium: Mixed-media, Fabric, Human-hair, Wool
Comment: My work is craft based; I use traditional techniques and practices such as embroidery and knitting. I use textile based mediums including; felt, real fur, wool and different fabrics.
Material is a major factor in my work. I am interested in the idea of confliction between materials, for example using real fur and bronze together.
I am interested in the corruption of things that are perceived ‘innocent’ and ‘untouchable’ like children’s toys and religious imagery. I add to things rather than take away.
Childhood is a subconscious theme in my work and practice, the way I visualise and create things is child-like. I use bright colours, bold outlines and simplify things, and most importantly I push my luck.
Since childhood I have enjoyed making things. I like the idea of a traditional technique being used to create a conceptual artwork.
The Second World War has been a constant theme in my work for as long as I can remember.
I have been completely fascinated with it since childhood. I take direct cliché images of the Second World War and use them in the simplest way, for example screen printing Hitler’s face onto hand made canvas bags. I want to be as vulgar as possible, with out it being regarded as shock. But the Second World War ideas go much deeper, Nazi ideals are a fundamental part of my practice, everything is ordered and logged, but in the end it falls apart.
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