Wednesday, October 04, 2006

more LOVE poems

Artist: Patrick D Waters


My instinct tells me
to avoid your eyes
Though shared love unison
the son of guise
No calculation, revenge swept "buyer"
Alone, I found you
alone I cried

Oncemore, alone
this time, my choice
To face my future, at last a voice
Boy to Man, self conquere course
Freedoms onslaught, created, taught
So high to fly, this spirited quest
Though this life without you
a physical test
So now we pass, I bow to you
Your shadowed silhoutte...
Out of view



Cherished, adored
we feed this flame
Unison, breathless
seeds arcane

Wispful laughter
realms of light
Headed glory
Hands held tight

Run, run, RUN
away with me
Never to let
their sadness be

Arrowed hearts
the stars our guide
With you beside me
in your arms

Cascading thoughts
our joy elopes
Near you forever
sealed to dote

Please once again
just heal this palm
So once together
Love warms, souls calm




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