Tuesday, October 31, 2006


PRIVATE: STAFF ONLY will be evolving throughout the two months of the exhibition. New documentation will be added to the blog regularly as new work is installed or projects evolve.
Click on photos for higher resolution images.

PRIVATE participants: Andrew Bala, Angelo Madonna, Anna Schori, Anjana Janardhan, Astrida Grigulis, Ben Parsons, Ben Woodeson, Bimba Champion, Chris Grounds, Claire Lloyd, Claire Moore, Clare Evans, Danny Birchall, Deva Palmier, Dougie Belford, Duncan Smith, Edvine Larssen, Emma Pettit, Fabio Henrique M. Paiva, Geraldine Walsh, Herbert Wright, Infinite Livez, Iona Scott, Isolda Pujol Piza, Jasleen Anand, Jen Wu, Jennie Sharpe, Jens Hoffmann, Jitan Patel, Joe Schneider, John Dunning, Julia Hamilton, Julio Pereira, Jussi Brightmore, Kate Street, Kate Wallace, Laura Karacic, Lee Curran, Lena Nix, Liana Nobilo, Lucy Brown, Mara Castilho, Marcus McSweeney, Mark Harrison, Mari Reinjders, Martha Pym, Matt Packer, Michael Ajerman, Nathaniel Mann, Nicola Chambers, Oki Uhure, Pamela Jahn, Patrick Waters, Patrick Coyle, Paul Sammut, Paul Shottner, Pearce White Productions, Puneet Sulhan, Richard de Cordova, Roy Brendon, Russell Herron, Sarah Scarsbrook, Sean Garland, Simon Humm, Sipei, Tim Anderson, Toby Messer, Viniita Moran, Yimkin


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